Richard Woolfson: TV and Video clips

Here is a small sample of TV and video clips in which Richard has appeared.

Richard talks to rugby star and father-of-two Gavin Henson about the importance of reading stores to with children.
Along with Rugby star and dad-of-two Gavin Henson, Richard is supporting the Munch Time campaign which encourages parents to read stories to their children.

Click here for a video of Richard chatting to Gavin about the importance of story-telling.

Middle child syndrome

I want this! - I want that!

How do you respond to a child who wants everything? We offer a few tips on managing your child's expectations, and helping them to understand the value of saving and earning - with the added bonus that they might learn a bit about responsibility and setting achievable goals.

Mixing with older kids

Many children seem to enjoy spending time with older children. We talk about the influences of older siblings and other friends, exploring the pros and cons of these relationships and the part you can play in nurturing your child's social skills.

Encouraging my child

How to motivate, praise and encourage your child, giving them a sense of achievement and boosting their confidence.

All my child wants to do is draw and play

From creative arts and word games, to role-play and sports, your child's playtime can be hugely beneficial to their development, teaching them everything from problem solving to social skills. Learn why it's ok - and easy - to encourage this natural and instinctive part of your child's life.


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