Parent Doctor
Reprinted from the Herald, 24 April 2006

A little girl who acts like a teenager, a private-school dropout and a nervy 12-year-old sleeping with mum and dad.

Parent Doctor, you've six weeks to find the cure

Whether it's a tantrum-happy three-year-old, a rebellious teen or a child who just won't play by the rules, most families have been divided by a seemingly insoluble problem at some point. But often all it takes is an objective pair of eyes to see the solution. Dr Richard Woolfson, a leading educational psychologist and a columnist with The Herald newspaper, agreed to help three families with three very different difficulties. Could he help solve their problems in just six weeks? In each case he started with a simple plan of action, and for the following six weeks we followed the families as they tried to make a difference. Could our Parent Doctor help a child sleep in her own room? Could he convince a teenager not to leave school? The results are remarkable - and reveal some valuable lessons for every family.

The mini teenager

The Wannabe Dropout

The Bedroom Baby

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